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Intake Hose 3/4"

Sold by the INCH!!! If you need one foot, please add 12" to the cart.

3/4" water intake hose for any marine toilet -excluding Sealand Brands

Base Plate Gasket

Skipper Base Plate Gasket

Bowl Seal

Headmate, Junior, Imperial

Base Drain Plug


Spud Assembly

PHII (small bowl) & PHBII (large bowl) Spud Assembly. this spud is a perffered substitution for most marine toilets. If you were redirected to this part from a breakdown, we are suggesting this spud for your toilet.

Joker Valve

Raritan & Wilcox Joker Valve

Compact marine toilet seat and lid Marine Seat & Lid

Small Seat & Lid

Large Seat & Lid

Large Seat & Lid

Leather Set, Jr/Imp

Junior, Imperial

Marine Size Bowl (not type 6) -Substitute

Marine Size Bowl (not type 6) -Substitute
This includes the Seat & Lid assembly as well as the Spud assembly