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SailVac 5200 VHT 4500 / VHT 12

As VacuFlush is not available for sale online, we can only provide informational pages about the products. If you are interested in Purchasing a VacuFlush system you can give us a call at 1-206-633-1110 or email us at and we can assist you further.

As for parts: Order away!

Vacuum Holding Tanks combine your VacuFlush system with your waste holding tank.
Using the same container to hold the vacuum and the waste makes for convenient 'all in one' installations.

There are 2 types of all in one units.
(Follow the categories above to learn more about the individual units)

SailVac Vacuum Holding Tank
Designed specifically to fit in the tight spaces available on sail boats.


Vacuum Holding Tank (VHT4511)
This tank an all in one unit that includes a discharge pump as well as the vacuum pump.