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Welcome to your VacuFlush toilet parts diagrams.

We are here to help you identify your model, diagnose symptoms you may be having and supply you with a solution. Marine Sanitation & Supply is the master distributor for VacuFlush product and parts for the greater Northwest. We have a knowledgeable staff on board Monday - Friday 8am-5:30pm and as a distributor we have a vast stock of parts available to ship on the same day of ordering.

Above are VacuFlush toilet diagrams made easy for you to navigate to the breakdown of the model you have. If you are having trouble identifying your toilet you can follow this link to the Identify Your Toilet Directory. Feel free to send a picture of your toilet to and we can help identify it for you.

Here is a downloadable VacuFlush Trouble Shooting Guide
Getting to know your Pedal Flush - VacuFlush toilet, symptoms and general maintenance.

Plastic Pedal Flush VacuFlush
5000 Series vacuFlush

Spring Cartridge- if the pedal is not
snapping back into place.

Bowl Seal- if the bowl is not holding water,
causing vacuum pump to cycle.

Water Valve- if the water valve froze due to
improper winterizing and it cracks,
creating a leak.
vacuflush water valve

Metal Lever Pedal VacuFlush

The metal lever pedal VacuFlush
has the same symptoms as
listed above...
But the Spring Cartridge is
different to function with the metal lever pedal.

Getting to know your Electric Flush - VacuFlush toilet, symptoms and general maintenance

Electric Flush VacuFlush

Electric toilets are harder to diagnose.
We would suggest you
call us at 206-633-1110
email us at
Or download the
VacuFlush Trouble Shooting Guide

Symptoms That Are Often Misdiagnosed As A Toilet Malfunction

-Pump Cycling: Your Vacuum Pump has duckbills in the hose connections that are what hold the vacuum on that side of the system. When they get worn out from use and time they will remain open and let the vacuum escape. Your pump will periodically turn on to regain the vacuum that has been lost. There are 4 Duckbills in each pump and should all be replaced at the same time.

-Water Not Evacuating Out Of The Bowl - Pump Not Activating: That is most commonly because there is a clog between the Toilet and the Pump/Generator. When you press down on the pedal the clog will prevent the switch on your Generator from reading the loss of vacuum and will not turn the pump on to evacuate the bowl.

Please feel free to call or email us if you have a question on a part, diagram or need help troubleshooting a problem.