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When comparing the major differences among marine toilet systems, most boaters find that SeaLand VacuFlush systems by Dometic offer many advantages that result in homelike comfort and superior, long lasting performance.

Vacuflush System diagram

How The VacuFlush System Operates:

VacuFlush systems operate with fresh water, eliminating the mal odors and calcification build-up caused by lake and seawater organisms that die in the lines. It only uses an average of a pint of water per flush... allowing up to four times more holding tank capacity than other types of systems.

Vacuum is the most efficient way to evacuate the lines of waste. This cuts down the chances of permeation cause by sewage sitting in your lines, more common with other systems.

All this performance with adult size seats and very low power consumption from 3 - 7 amps. A boat with a VacuFlush system enhances the resale due to its long running reputation and reliability.

1. Vacuum is maintained in the system at all times. Before use, the water level in the bowl can be raised by simply lifting the flush lever.

2. When the toilet is flushed by pushing down on the foot lever, the vacuum energy stored in the system is released.
The change of pressure in the vacuum tank causes the integral pressure switch to activate the vacuum pump. The bowl is instantly cleared and the waste is moved through the vacuum pump, at 7 feet per second, and pushed to the holding tank.

3. After the flush lever is released, creating a vacuum tight seal at the toilet bowl, the vacuum pump continues to run until the vacuum level is recharged in the system. Recharging the vacuum takes about one minute, depending on how long your run is.


What You Will Need...
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1. A Toilet:

4800 Series VacuFlush Toilet is an all ceramic toilet with a flush Panel
that uses as low as .08 gal per flush and as much as .27 gal per flush.
4800 Series vacuFlush

The more common 5000 Series VacuFlush Toilet is a pedal flush activated toilet
with a large ceramic bowl on a sturdy plastic base. It starts with approx a pint of water in the bowl
and allows you to add water by lifting the flush pedal upwards. It is provided in 3 heights
with above and below floor discharge options to best match your needs.
5000 Series vacuFlush

4700 Series VacuFlush Toilet is an elegant household style toilet that allows
you to evacuate the bowl with either a flush panel or a flush handle
using as low as .10 gal per flush and as much as .33 gal per flush.
4700 VacuFlush 4700 VacuFlush

2. A Vacuum Generator:

VG4 (Vacuum Generator 4) Is the newest model of vacuum generator.
It is an all inclusive Pump and Accumulator unit.

VG3-LP (Low Profile Vacuum Generator) Is for those spots that your height is limited.
The Pump and accumulator are side by side.

Vacuum Pump & Accumulator Tank Is the pump separate from the accumulator tank
so you can place them in different locations if your space is limited.
Accumulator TankVacuum pump

3. A Holding Tank. Any existing holding tank will work just fine.
It is only a destination and does not interfere with the vacuum system itself.

Sewage Holding Tanks


VacuFlush distributors are contracted to territories; complete VacuFlush systems are not available for online sale.

We have most all the parts online for sale. Follow these links - For Toilet Parts or Vacuum Generator Parts

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Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Wyoming and Oregon.

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