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If you are looking for parts for your Tecma or Wilcox Crititenden toilet, you can follow this link to the Tecma Parts Directory. There are a few models to chose from, if you have a question about a part or a toilet model, please feel free to call us at 206-633-1110.

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Tecma Silence Plus Tecma Nano Eco Compact Toilet Tecma Easy Fit Eco
Tecma Nano Eco Compact Toilet
Save $256.50!
Tecma Easy Fit Eco
Save $304.50!
Tecma Silence Plus Momentary Switch Momentary Switch
Silence Standard 2G Silence PLUS 2G
Tecma Silence Standard 2G
Save $531.00!
Tecma Silence PLUS 2G
Save $546.00!
Silence Standard 2G
Silence PLUS 2G
After years of research from the industries top leaders, Tecma has brought forth the Silence and EasyFit series of toilets. The toilet mounts flush with floor and wall giving maximum ease in cleaning with a sleek, modern design. Automatic Flush powered by a high-performance turbine pump in the Tecma Silence models discharge waste water up to a height of 36 feet and a distance of 295 feet making plumbing and routing of hoses easy. The macerator reduces risk of clogs. Using less than a gallon of water per flush, Tecma toilets maximize usage of holding tank capacity.

Imagine a compact marine toilet with elegant stylin... behind an exquisite china exterior and its quiet flush operation, EasyFit is a technologically-advanced, powerful performer!

Vitreous china for homelike feel, maximum flush coverage, easy cleaning and minimal maintenance

Saves water and limits clogging by immediately macerating and pushing waste directly to the holding tank.

Completely self-contained to save space - and up to 40% of installation time.

Small footprint easily accommodates pre-molded boat bathrooms

Convenient walkway flush feature

Lock-Out electronics option prevents flushing when tank is full

Programmable Wall Switch to increase or decrease water refill

Tank status is monitored by a new-generation, non-invasive sensor Optimized for minimal water use (1.75 liters/flush)

Limited 2-Year Warranty

The Technology that makes it all possible: The Tecma team rethought and redesigned the conventional grinding and pumping method found in most waste-transfer toilets, creating instead a patented, clog-proof centrifugal evacuation mechanism. It is powerful, yet extraordinarily quiet. Designed to propel waste-water over an extended distance, without clogging. Engineered to deliver enough horsepower to start a car. This patented mechanism grinds organics and toilet tissue into small particles before relaying them to the pump chamber. Other materials inadvertently flushed into the system, such as feminine hygiene products, remain in the grinding area until completely macerated. Operating at an increadable 2,000rpm, this revolutionary "turbine pump" is so powerful it can discharge waste up to 295 feet horizontally and 36+ feet vertically ... yet is quiet so the sound is barely discernible.

Continuous research into marine toilets by Tecma has resulted in the production of a range of toilets where performance, reliability, noise levels and design reach the highest standards. The high performance turbine macerator pump gives maximum plumbing flexibility for any installation, with discharge of wastewater up to a height of 11m and a distance of 90m. Completely automatic flushing via modern touch pad toilet controls combined with sleek European design, ensure everyone will be impressed after using these toilets. Unlike most toilets, Tecma toilets ensure a fixed flush volume every time the toilet is used, ensuring holding tanks don't fill earlier than expected and onboard water supplies are not exhausted prematurely.

The Silence Plus models feature an elongated, wider toilet bowl, ensuring the quietest and most comfortable flush in Marine Toilets.
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