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Natures Head announces the introduction of a second option for it's Composting Toilet. Customers may now choose between the standard handle and the new spider handle. The standard handle has now been engineered to crank both ways. Refit kits are available for older models. Both models come with a 5-year warranty.

The standard color of the Nature's Head is White Granite.

The Natures Head Composting Toilet is the latest design, the best value, and the most reliable choice for portable, self contained, urine separating dry toilets -- on the water, on the land, or on the road.

This toilet or head, (the marine term for toilet) was designed by two long time sailors who sought to create a more user friendly version than anything else on the market. While we designed our product to withstand the harsh marine environment, it can be used anywhere you need a toilet, especially anywhere that plumbing or electricity is difficult or non-existent -- on RVs or campers, in vacation cabins, workshops, barns, yurts, tiny homes or even trucks. Most importantly, this toilet doesn't have the foul odors associated with all other holding tank systems.

The low volume air circulation fan built into the head provides the added benefit of recycling the air in your bathroom which helps make your whole environment smell better. Because it was originally designed for marine use, its rugged design and materials (all stainless hardware) it has been proven to be extremely durable no matter what your environment.