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Vented Loops Sewage & Water Holding Tank Q&A

Not all sewage tanks and water tanks are created alike. Many manufactures have tanks that may work for you, but buyer beware. We see tanks in our shop every day for repairs because they are too thin. Sure it will hold water or waste, but a slight freeze, try to replace a hose or just push on a hose while working on another project; and the fitting will crack free of the tank. We only sell tanks that are thick enough so you only have to do the job once. Our tanks are custom made rotational molded seemless 3/8" thick. No seems means no place to fail or leak. A true custom tank is heat welded from the outside leaving cracks on the inside. Cracks are a weak point to fail if a tank is over filled too quickly or by normall wear and tear.
If you don't find a tank below please call, fax or email us with your dimensions. We have about 1,000 molds to choose from. It is important that you give us your max dimensions so we can narrow the search to your needs.

Lets get started.

What we need from you:
-The dimensions of the tank you require. (Remember to leave yourself room for fittings)
-The tanks are of a seamless construction and can be installed in any direction.
-After we find a tank with as close to, if not the exact dimensions you require, we would then require a drawing of the tank with the placement of fittings.
-All basic fittings are included in the price of the tank. This includes: Inlet, Outlet and Vent.
-Additional cost for fittings would include: Diptube for discharge and an access port.

All tanks take up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Holding Tanks Are Exempt From Any Free Shipping Promotions.


November 2016: The EPA has reviewed Washington State's petition and has determined that a no discharge zone (NDZ) can be established for Puget Sound. The EPA found that there are adequate facilities in Puget Sound for vessels to pump out their sewage with this initial determination and are accepting public comments. EPA will prepare a final determination after the public comment period of 30 days.

What does this mean to recreational boats? There are about 2,000 to 4,000 recreational vessels in the Puget Sound area that have a federally-approved treatment system called a Type I or Type II Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) These systems will have to be isolated or the MSD be removed and add a holding tank. Any vessel that has a marine toilet must have a holding tank under the NDZ.

Here is the Proposed No Discharge Zone Map