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Gravity Marine & RV toilets are an easy and efficient choice if your holding tank is located directly below the toilets location. They discharge below the floor through a 3" flange with hose or rigid PVC attached to the tank below.

Dometic's patented flush mechanism creates an airtight seal between the head compartment and the holding tank. As pressurized water is provided to these models, when you initiate flushing the water valve is opened - allowing the water to rinse the bowl and simultaneously your ball valve is opened allowing the waste to drop into the tank below.

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M28 Tank Only Sealand Traveler, Dometic, 310 light, marine head, sea land, 302310011 Sealand traveler, Dometic, 511, marine head, sea land, 302651101, 302651102
M28 Tank Only
Save $69.30!
310 Traveler Lite
Save $134.13!
511+ Traveler
Save $220.23!
M28 Tank Only 310 Traveler Lite, White or Bone 511+ Short Traveler, White or Bone
Sealand Traveler, Toilet, 4310, Handle- White, marine head, sea land, 302431131 711M28 toilet Sealand Traveler 4410- FS, White, marine head, sea land, 302441110
Traveler 4310, Flush Handle
Save $703.50!
Save $101.27!
Traveler 4410- Flush Switch
Save $670.00!
Traveler 4310, Flush Handle 711 M28 TOILET ONLY Traveler 4410- Flush Switch
Sealand traveler, Dometic, 510, 510+, marine head, sea land, 302651001 711 M28 traveler toilet
510+ Traveler
Save $220.23!
711-M28 Traveler Gravity Toilet
Save $349.86!
510+ Tall Traveler, White or Bone 711-M28 Traveler Gravity Toilet