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Amazing Technology! The Natures Head Dry Composting Toiletis a user-friendly, patented design that pre-separates solids from liquids, allowing for greatly increased holding capacity and odor prevention when compared to other composting toilets. More infrequent emptying means less maintenance time for you. A standard-size seat has been molded with safety and comfort in mind, while the off-white granite color blends into most bathroom decors. The hand crank agitator in the base section helps speed up the natural composting process. A trap door and lever provide visual containment of solids.

Natures Head Composting Toilets USERS GUIDE

For an informational video about the Natures Head Toilet follow This Link. It explains the function and uses of the units as well as provides a tutorial for all the steps you'll experience with the Natures Head Composting Toilets.
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Spider Handle Composting Toilet Natures head composting toilet
Spider Handle Composting Toilet Standard Handle Composting Toilet