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How The VacuFlush® System Operates:

VacuFlush systems operate with fresh water, only about a pint per flush, much less than other systems, as well as stopping odors from seawater organisms. Seawater once in the toilet system, the organisms start to die creating mal odors and creating calcification buildup. Less water during the flush cycle in a Vacu Flush system allows for up to four times more holding tank capacity than other types of systems.

The high vacuum system evacuates the toilet and the hose during flush reducing the hose permeation odors that are so common in other boat waste systems.

All this performance with adult size seats and very low power consumption from 3 – 7 amps. A boat with a VacuFlush system enhances the resale due to the long running reputation.

1. Vacuum is maintained in the system at all times. Before use, the water level in the bowl can be raised by simply lifting the flush lever.

2. When the toilet is flushed by pushing down on the foot lever, the vacuum energy stored in the system is released. The bowl is instantly cleared and the waste is moved through the vacuum pump at 7 feet per second. The change in pressure in the vacuum tank causes the integral pressure switch to activate the vacuum pump.

3. After the flush lever is released, the vacuum pump continues to run until the vacuum level is recharged in the system. Recharging the vacuum takes about one minute.


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